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A water spot [governance stains) and dry method

A water spot [governance stains) and dry method


  First of all want to distinguish what is causing the water spot (stains).If below the stone village, there are a lot of water (such as: shop is completed, use slice cutting machine and water the ground;In front of the shop installs the ground full of water;After installation by the seam between the seeping into a lot of water, etc.), should be dried nest peak of cement layer in water saturation, the ground should use air drying method, or after a long time of natural drying, moisture evaporates from the layer of cement, governance on the stone itself.If the blind use chemicals to clean, tend to aggravate JinMan phenomenon.The reason is very simple, clean water, and water always wash not to drop of water, only the evaporation is reasonable.Some people adopt the method of heating, if using hot air blow dry, but unfavorable also applied a lot;And use fire, lamp baking methods, the effect is not ideal, this kind of method is to rapidly improve the stone material surface temperature to increase the temperature of the cement layer for a long time, to the evaporation of water will not be too obvious, and the negative effect is very big.Due to rapid heating can make the stone peng expansion, and the cement layer stratification, empty drum phenomenon sometimes  cause stone become warped flexion, produce snip, consequence is hard to control, suggested that do not use.


    According to our management experience, of light color granite material related pollution in know (through the investigation and detailed analysis can be made sure) of the cement layer is not under the condition of water saturation, can choose a suitable granite detergent press l: 1 ratio versus the deep into the CHJ marble cleaner, then l: 1 dollar into the water, using heavy washing machine comprehensive cleaning, decompose chemicals into the stone crystal crack and cleavage between water and metal salt crystallization, wash in half an hour to two hours.This method should pay attention to two points, the first is not leaking into stone flat-fell seam too many chemicals (if the quantity is small can not dispute), in order to avoid the corrosion cement layer.The second is the clear water after cleaning, must be timely blot, do not leak into the stone flat-fell seam, increase water content of cement layer.The principle of this method is simple: in damaged stone crystal fissure reconciliation between water of crystallization of metal salts at the same time, produce microexplosion opened the stone material of ventilation way, speed up the moisture evaporation, stone steamed out water and dry, rather than being washed.This approach generally have further surface effect in a few hours: 3-7 days have obvious effect.If have the effect, and was not able to completely eliminate, will further analyse the reason of two aspects: one is the cement layer in high water cut?The second is whether the chemical liquid medicine usage not enough?To do a second time.