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Dyeing Stone Distinguish

Dyeing Stone Distinguish

stone color is to determine the quality of an important aspect. In order to pursue a good price, some scientific research units and stone processors began a few years ago to study the stone dyeing technology, the market can often see the stained stone plate, and some technology can almost achieve the degree of real ones, which Especially the largest variety of flowers and stone stone. However, this kind of dyeing and finishing stone is not most of the durability of the experiment, through a long period of wind and rain, thousands of ten thousand mill, more or less will fade a certain color, loss of the original decorative effect. Therefore, the market is still very difficult to accept the stained stone. The method of distinguishing this stained stone is mainly careful observation, because the granite stone is composed of several minerals, minerals and minerals are often between the obvious gap, in this gap is likely to cause the accumulation of pigments, If this enriched pigment is found between minerals, it must be a stained stone. Observation of the side of the stone plate, regardless of the color of granite stone, natural unstained stone side is generally white, and stained granite stone side of the paint used to show the color. In addition, the color of the color of the stone is always less natural, giving the feeling of artificial.


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