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How to identify the merits of quartz stone

How to identify the merits of quartz stone?

A look: visual product color is pure, the surface is not similar to the plastic glue texture, sheet front no pores. 

Second smell: nose smell no pungent chemical smell. 

Three touch: hand touch the surface of the sample has a sense of silk, no astringent sense, no obvious sense of uneven.

Four strokes: with iron or quartz stone plate surface, no obvious scratches.

Five touch: the same two pieces of each other percussion, not broken. 

Six test: look at its stain resistance, take a piece of material, there are 200 * 200 size on it, in the plate surface drops of soy sauce or red wine, after 24 hours with water rinse, no obvious stains. 

Seven burns: take a piece of artificial stone slender strips, on the fire burning, poor quality quartz stone easy to burn, good quality quartz stone is burned, unless the addition of combustion things, and will automatically go out. 

Eight check: check the product quality system certification, quality inspection reports, security signs and so on.