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Introduced stone mining method

 Introduced stone mining method

        The basic requirements and characteristics of granite mines mining, is that from the ore body to produce a complete block to meet certain specifications and no cracks block - blocks. Mining face layout, open up the choice of mode of transport, we should take full account of the ore body bedding, joints, cracks, try to avoid their adverse effects on the mining, to ensure that large blocks of mining.

  (A) mining method

        Granite mining, first of all, according to the conditions of resources and market demand to choose the first mining area, to determine the realm of mining, mine production scale, mining work system. In a comprehensive analysis of the natural environment, economic and technological conditions on the basis of mine exploitation. Mining process can be divided into pioneering transport, stripping and mining.

        Mining mines should be stripped of surface cover, weathered layer, mezzanine, wall rock and some of the ore is not the value of mining.

        The basic process of granite mining is separation, segmentation and shaping.


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  1) separation processes commonly used methods are split, rock blasting separation, flame cutting and separation and joint separation.

        Split split: a number of iron wedges can be directly into the rock mass at a certain spacing, so that the rock mass produced cracks as needed. This method is suitable for smaller mines at low cost but with low efficiency. Another method is to separate the bored expansive agent, mix the expander with water, fill the drilled eyelets, and expand the rock mass with the expansive force generated by the hydration of the expander. This method is simple and safe, But low efficiency.

        Flame cutting and separation: High speed flames are sprayed from the flame cutting nozzle to heat the rock. Due to the different thermal reaction characteristics of different minerals in the rock, burst spalling occurs and separation grooves are gradually formed. The method is only applicable to high quartz content, small heat capacity, poor thermal conductivity of rocks, such as granite, diorite, syenite and so on.

        Drilling and blasting separation: The rock drilling machine is used to lay a good eye on the rock mass, and the blasting material (currently used with black gunpowder, burning agent and detonating cable) is loaded into the blasting material as required to control the blasting. The method has the advantages of high efficiency and wide application, However, the use of blasting should be strictly controlled to avoid harmful cracking.

        2) Segmentation process: Will be separated from the rock with stone top stone machine (or top stone package) overturned, and then depending on the rules of cracks and blocks specifications, the splitting method will be divided into the required block stone blocks .

        3) plastic surgery process: a good block has been partitioned, who do not meet the requirements, the need for plastic surgery. Common hand hammer drill or plastic machine to remove the excess part of blocks, so that it is flat, neat corners.