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the types of stone surface

the types of stone surface

1. Grinding: surface smooth, with a slight luster, you can choose a different gloss. The surface is very smooth, but porous. This is very common in many places where people walk. Because the ground of the ground is large, the osmotic sealant should always be used. The color of the polished stone is not as bright as the polished surface.

2. Polished: the surface shiny, after a period of time will be too many pedestrians and improper conservation and loss of luster. This surface is smooth and less porous. After the reflection of the crystal produces a brilliant color, showing the natural stone mineral particles, luster is from the natural reflection of stone crystals. In the production of the use of polished tiles and polishing powder to form a polished surface, gloss is not a paint produced.

3. Flamed : rough surface, formed at high temperatures. Production of stone heating, crystal burst, and thus the surface rough. The surface of the porous, must be used to penetrate the sealant.

4. Tumbling: the surface is a bit rough, by the marble, limestone and sometimes granite fragments rolled in the container, into the old look. Often need to use stone toner to make the color more vivid.

5. Sandblasting: sand and water with high pressure jet to spray the sand on the stone, forming a glossy but not smooth surface.

6. chisellled: through the hammer to form a surface texture, can choose roughness