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What are the characteristics of quartz stone

What are the characteristics of quartz stone

Quartz stone performance characteristics

1, permanent bright: quartz stone in a vacuum state by high-pressure power synthesis, the surface is dense, no pores, not absorb water, strong stain resistance. General kitchen with oil, sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, coffee and other ,it's difficult to penetrate.

2, scratch-resistant: quartz stone and its hard, Mohs hardness of 6 or more. Household items such as shovels, wallpapers, wire balls and other ordinary iron can not be scratched, wear (but to avoid such as diamonds, quartz stone equipment, sandpaper, hard alloy and other hardness items strong scratch surface).

3, anti-fade: quartz stone pigments mainly mineral materials, anti-fade ability, I do not know the strong sunlight under the perennial local contrast irradiation, the naked eye is difficult to observe the color changes, basically can be considered non-fading material.

4,  Heat Resistance: the basic raw material of quartz stone to quartz sand particles, and the quartz stone itself, the melting point of more than 1300 degrees, adding a small amount of composite materials, the surface still has a very high resistance to heat. Often burn the table in the home is the cigarette buttocks or the bottom of the hot coke off, quartz stone resistance to these burns to maintain a lasting smooth, not the emergence of depression, spots and other phenomena.

5, non-toxic, non-radiation: quartz stone in the artificial composite before the raw materials are selected and pickled natural quartz stone particles, non-heavy metal impurities, there is no radioactive problems, and the entire production process are not subject to chemical treatment The Is completely environmentally friendly materials.

6, anti-corrosion: quartz stone has excellent acid resistance, the life of the commonly used acid is not enough to destroy it.