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What is the surface

What is the surface

Cabinet countertops materials have undergone several breakthroughs in the replacement, from the cement board, tile surface, wood, veneer fire board, natural stone, stainless steel, the most used today to develop quartz. Cement boards, ceramic tiles, wood and so have too many shortcomings, but out of the market, where we will not say more, then, we will market the advantages and disadvantages of several kinds of countertops materials summed up:

Fire board countertops: fire board countertops substrate for MDF, veneer for fire board. Thickness: 4mm, colorful and diverse, fire, moisture, oil and easy to clean. However, compression, scratch resistance, hardness, environmental protection can not meet the requirements, and short service life, it will gradually be eliminated by the market.

Stainless steel countertops: durable, easy to clean. However, the unique color of stainless steel countertops feel unfriendly, not warm, the lack of family warmth, in the emphasis on personality and advocated return to nature under the popular home no longer popular.

Artificial stone countertops: Artificial stone countertops are now available on the market mainly by unsaturated resin or acrylic resin, adding fillers, pigments, with vacuum bubble flat surface suppression, and even manufacturers with hand-paste resin and stone powder made, Its main feature is brilliant, plasticity, but poor scratch resistance, hardness is not enough, there is no natural feeling, antibacterial, environmental protection and other aspects are not very satisfactory.

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Natural stone: Although natural stone with natural lines, more beautiful, but the natural marble pollution, environmental protection, toughness, high temperature resistance can not meet the requirements. Mainly because of natural stone pores, it is easy to penetrate the texture, it is difficult to clean, and the natural marble brittle, can not make more than 1 meter of the table, when the temperature changes will occur rupture, the other natural stone has strong radioactivity, if excessive, Will cause harm to the human body.

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In summary, people urgently need to seek a green, antibacterial, scratch, high temperature, colorful and easy

Clean up the new countertops to meet the requirements, therefore, quartz stone with its perfect features came into being.