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zodiaq quartz countertop edge details

zodiaq quartz countertop edge details

Quartz stone processing is to ensure the quality of the table an important part. Even the best of quartz stone, do not follow the strict quartz stone processing methods will appear quality problems. Quartz stone processing requirements, in principle, and natural stone processing is the same, by its natural granite and granite. Quartzite 90% is natural quartz, so the character closer to the natural stone, with natural stone hardness and toughness, and hardness higher than natural marble, so in addition to being able to do the table, the floor is also a bright spot. Quartz stone processing operator is best to have the experience of processing natural stone, processing ordinary stone but no experience in processing natural stone operators in principle must be trained before induction.

And ordinary countertops, quartz countertops are also by the countertops, water, hanging edge, pots, stove holes, gas pipe holes and other major components, the following were introduced by the above several major components, and specifically explore the production and installation Precautions. If it is not very understanding of their own cabinets, decoration, quartz stone case, it is best to contact quartz stone manufacturers or cabinet manufacturers, manufacturers provide the right design, production, installation programs, only manufacturers have a say in their products, From the material selection, structural planning, installation timing, cabinet requirements, ease of use, etc. to make a comprehensive plan to avoid damage during use and so on.

 quartz countertop edge details

1, should be carefully read before opening drawings, materials used to understand the drawings used in the plate and shape. 

2, materials, to choose the same species, with the same batch number and adjacent plate number, tear off the packaging film, the two or more plates together, wipe together with a clean damp cloth surface, at No chromatic aberration in the case of open material. 

3, all operations must be with cooling water. Material to open the material utilization rate of 90% principle, the material used to open the material is a plane sawing machine, cutting machine or gongs, and keep the blade and blade sharp, so cut out of the sheet size accurate, smooth interface to ensure that the table The perfect connection. 

4.1 Manual grinding (mainly modeling, corner, chess side, etc.) in turn from coarse to fine, sandpaper is a dry matte paper 80 #, 180 #, 360 #, 600 #, water scrub 1000 #, 1500 #, 2000 #, 2500 # . 

4.2 The direction of machine grinding is vertical and horizontal direction, track overlap way, with the radius of the polishing plate to move parallel to the distance, the choice of sandpaper is 80 #, 180 #, 360 #, 600 # (outside the seam from 180 # or 360 # Start) and then with a water mat of not less than 1000 # water pad pad water mill (sample to be polished to 2500 #) in order to counteract the uniform force. 

5.1 Using hard wax (wax), place the wax on the activated polisher wool ball and rub the wool ball coated with polishing wax back and forth on the table. 

5.2 When using the box wax and liquid wax: 8 # wax brush evenly with a brush on the table, polished with a polishing machine and clean it with a clean cotton cloth, and then rubbed with a cotton cloth dip 3 # polishing oil and then try the table, with Wool ball polished and polished with a corner of the corner and the edge of the cloth, the last uniform polishing

 5.3 Corner and polishing machine can not be polished to the corner, you can directly use a clean cotton coated polishing wax back and forth can be rubbed.

 quartz countertop edge details