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Artificial Quartz Stone Test Methods

Artificial quartz stone test methods

1. Test Hardness

       Quality artificial quartz stone plate surface hardness of Ta Mok's hardness 6-7, much larger than the everyday use of knives and other sharp spade. With a hard object scratch quartz stone countertops knife or nail clippers and the like, will not be scratched, and may leave a knife or nail clippers iron filings on the surface. Wipe with a damp cloth or a hand iron, surface complete without injury.

2. Test temperature resistance

       And high-quality quartz filler added quality quartz plate containing more than 94% so as to have a high temperature resistance. Direct burning with cigarettes as quartz plate surface, burning cigarette butts sparkle without leaving any traces of high-quality quartz stone surface.

3. Testing corrosion resistance

       In addition to high-quality quartz stone plate outside the small amount of resin and additives are selected high-quality natural quartz stone, with strong acid and alkaline can. With an arbitrary ratio of hydrochloric acid (or sulfuric acid) dropped on the surface of quartz plate, high-quality quartz plate no response.