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How To Identify Quartz

How to identify quartz
The so-called know ourselves victorious, to understand the hazards of quartz stone, then the use of quartz stone quartz stone products, we will pay attention to the unconscious, try to avoid putting themselves not by what harm! And the other is quartz stone market there are a lot of inferior products and shoddy larger quartz dangers! So how to identify the authenticity of quartz stone it?
1, smell the smell taste Method:
Qualified quartz stone materials are environmentally friendly, smell is very natural taste of stone road. Poor quality of the quartz, the products added formaldehyde and formaldehyde smell is particularly strong aroma, a smell so we glance.
2, hardness handing method:
We determine the most direct way is you can use the direct touch and hand tools to be judged. We will now carry with a key chain, then we in the purchase, with the key plan in quartz stone above the force, if there is no scratches, leaving only the metal itself is the key color, the same time, when we hand to touch the when still supple and smooth, so that quartz is the acceptable quality.
3, color observation:
Observation of quartz particles and color is uniform, and if the particles are relatively uniform color, then this must be artificial quartz stone.
4, sandpaper wear law:
We can use sandpaper come quartz friction surface, if it is easy to be rub a powder-like particles, which may be the glue which contains organic synthesis, this quartz stone is completely representative of tat