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Quartz Sink Keep It Dry

1, Quartz Sink often clean the sink, when not in use should be kept dry, retention of water will lead to the occurrence of mineral deposits, the general can use low concentrations of vinegar solution to remove such deposits, and finally fully cleaned with water.

2, moist wash the sponge or other cleaning pad for a long time left in the sink, high iron content of water may lead to the formation of brown red coloring marks on the surface.

3, as far as possible the use of silver detergent or other sulfur or hydrochloric acid containing washing products.

4, with less rough items or wire ball clean sink, Quartz Sink so easy to make scratches and make the sink to produce spots.

5, do not pickles, mayonnaise, or other foods rich in salt and easy to contaminate the sink of food such as tea, coffee, fruit juice and so long immersed in the sink, Quartz Sink such as stained with the best water or detergent cleaning.

6, do not use clean yarn, grinding film or grinding materials to clean the sink.

7, do not use the sink as a cutting board, Quartz Sink the sink should only be used for the purpose it should be used.

8, to avoid more than 280 ° C of the hot pot or other high temperature items and direct contact with the surface of the tank (just after heating the bottom of the pot temperature up to 600 ° C), or overheating and cold items at the same time placed in the sink.

1, in the installation, first of all to check the cabinet and the cabinet is flat, check the table to be installed and the size of the scene whether there is error, Quartz Sink if there is error, need to re-processing, dressing or cabinet adjustment.

2, in the installation of the table, the need to set aside the distance between the table and the wall, the general gap between 3-5mm, leaving the gap is to prevent the future table and the thermal expansion and contraction of the cabinet to stretch, Quartz Sink after the installation is complete, Also need to glue at the gap.

3, in the installation of sink and other devices, you can put the quartz stone countertops with the stalls on the stalls for some dressing to check whether the vacant, for some small suspension, Quartz Sink we can add some of the bottom of the stone glass glue used to carry out Fill, for some serious unevenness, you need to stop the construction, the cabinet to adjust to the flat state.

4, for some of the longer table, are necessary to use some strong glass clip used to hold the table extrusion gap, for the gap must be clean.

5, can be in the cabinet under the retaining strip of some of the plastic used for toning, for the stick file water strips, must not use marble glue and the like to connect the colloid, in order to prevent bonding, and will not stick Too fast to cause the table to crack or break.