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Quartz Slab Industry Sector

In the international economic development today, the role of the brand has been generally attention. At present, the international quartz board key production enterprises are: Israel Caesar, Spanish selegant stone, the United States Corning, the United States Naide, Germany Heraeus, Germany Dili Sen, Quartz Slab Germany Schott, Japan Dong Cao and South Korea Samsung, these enterprises in the international quartz The market share a considerable share. The accelerated growth of the international economic recovery will effectively drive the rapid growth of the international quartz board industry market. It is expected that the annual growth rate of quartz board demand in the international market will be about 12% in 2012, and the industrial market will maintain a stable growth trend in the future.

The current quartz board production enterprises are mainly located in Europe and the United States and other regions. Because quartz plate production technology is difficult, until now can produce a large number of quartz plate countries only the United States, Germany, France, Japan,Quartz Slab Britain, China and a few other countries; US quartz board sales accounted for the first global total sales, accounting for 24 %. Which the United States Knight Group quartz PVC flooring sales in the world's first, Quartz Slab the production of quartz sand flooring in Europe has been the application of more than 50 years of history, more than 500 million square products installed around the world, and in the industry has been in a leading position The Germany accounted for 14% of global sales, Japan accounted for 11% of total global sales, the United States, Germany, Japan is the main producer of international quartz plate, its sales of nearly half.

International quartz board product development trends: network communications, optoelectronics, devices, digital chip industry with the use of fused quartz plate will continue to be stable, but the building materials, high-grade decorative materials such as cabinet countertop quartz board, floor quartz board, wall panels Door panels with quartz panels will be more widely used, Quartz Slab building materials with quartz plate is still a high-end luxury varieties, those with a traditional structure and color of the product will once again popular. Valuable varieties and varieties are welcome, but the quality of the product requirements will be higher and higher.

At present, the global quartz board consumption structure, high purity quartz sheet, building materials and high-grade decorative materials industry quartz stone still account for a higher proportion. With the new field of application of quartz materials continue to widen. Quartz Slab All kinds of stone, urban decoration, home decoration materials, technological progress, the use of quartz as a decorative curtain wall will be the trend of the times. Quartz board is also facing a new type of building decoration materials and fire functional materials in the field of fierce competition. To the 21st century, space technology, Quartz Slab plastics and other man-made materials in the construction industry will be a great development, building ceramics technology progress quickly, imitation of natural stone pattern products in the market, with paint, plastic paper and ground materials The development of these new building materials on the quartz plate will undoubtedly constitute a huge threat. Quartz Slab But because of some of the natural advantages of quartz board and unique performance, will still be the first choice for architects.