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Quartz Slab Of The Stain Resistance

Quartz board its excellent stain resistance, mainly by virtue of its compactness and smooth surface without holes, so that pollutants can not be attached. Once the plate pressure or the emergence of stomata, pinholes, small holes in the capacity of the fugitive will become a strong basis for the death penalty. So look at the importance of quartz stone to see its density and surface pores, pores,Quartz Slab pinholes naturally become a well-known stone defects, absolutely not allowed to have.

Stomatal, pinhole fatal, but also a lot of quartz board manufacturers one of the most troublesome problems, even at high salaries to employ well-known technical staff at home and abroad, but the problem still can not be completely resolved. The reason is that the quartz stone industry experts are some theorists, can not be combined with the actual production of a comprehensive, Quartz Slab linked, the development of the analysis of the reasons for the analysis.

So why the plate will have gas,

1, equipment defects: the press itself, the vacuum is not or not sealed, there is leakage, etc., reducing the equipment of the vacuum capacity, so that the gas can not be effectively excluded.

2, material defects: the material due to the state of the material, so that the material inside the air is difficult to be pumped away, that is, Quartz Slab the air around the stomata gas sealed. The reason for the closure is that the material is too wet or the pellets are too large, so the need to constantly adjust the wet and dry materials, as far as possible completely broken pellets.

1. When observing the surface finish of the sheet, it is found that there is a place where the particles are bright and the powder is not bright. Powder is not bright, Quartz Slab is due to the hardness of quartz powder is not high caused. Therefore, to improve the hardness of quartz powder is to improve the hardness and smoothness of the plate an effective way. After several tests and applications found that the use of 325 mesh quartz powder by adding 10% of the 100 head flat glass powder, can improve the Mohs hardness of 0.5, improve the surface finish 3? 5o.

2. Fine-grained quartz plate watermark problem is the production of quartz plate to solve the problem. General production plant is to improve the mixing effect from the mixer to start, and in the fabric before adding powder machine to solve, will receive a certain effect, but can not be eradicated. After careful study, the so-called watermark problem, in addition to the formula has a problem, in fact, Quartz Slab due to the density of the entire board caused by the different parts, that is, the entire board at all times by the pressure and vibration caused by different, The way is to improve the rigidity of the indenter.

3. To increase the surface of quartz stone plate varieties, to expand the use of quartz stone plate. Now the surface of quartz stone produced by our country is flat. And with the development of decorative requirements of the surface made of natural surface, which will apply a new process.