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Quartz Slab Process And Physical And Chemical Properties

Quartz sand, quartz powder, dotted material (large particles of sand, Quartz Slab white glass, mirror glass, precious stones, shells, etc.), resin, coupling agent, Quartz Slab curing agent, toner, color paste.

Currently using more specifications are: 4-6 mesh, 6-8 mesh, 8-16 mesh, 10-20 mesh, 20-40 mesh, 26-40 mesh, 40-70 mesh, 70-140 mesh

Quartz powder: called in the artificial quartz plate filler, mainly to fill the gap between the formation of quartz sand;

Mainly the following specifications: 325 mesh, 400 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh quartz powder is divided into modified and non-modified quartz powder, modified quartz powder can reduce the amount of resin can also greatly improve the process of sheet metal Sexual and physical and chemical properties, Quartz Slab the work of the late attention to the use of related materials to distinguish.

1. In the artificial quartz stone products, the main role of the resin is bonded, Quartz Slab so that artificial stone in the inorganic filler can be a good bond together, and to ensure that the product has a certain mechanical strength properties.

2. Color the product.

3. from the filling effect, the quartz powder filling is certainly not complete, Quartz Slab filled with liquid will be more fully.

4. To ensure a variety of physical and chemical properties of artificial quartz board.

It can also be called aggregate, but in the quartz board formula content is generally less, in fact, large particles can be visually visible quartz sand can also be called the dotted material;

Pigments: Pigments in the role of quartz stone is the deployment of color varieties, Quartz Slab so that the color is rich and colorful, mainly color and color paste.

1, in the observation of the surface roughness of the plate, Quartz Slab found that the place where the particles are bright, and the powder does not shine. Powder is not bright, is due to the hardness of quartz powder is not high caused. Therefore, to improve the hardness of quartz powder is to improve the plate hardness and smoothness of the effective way. After several tests and applications found that the use of 325 mesh quartz powder by adding 10% of 100 mesh flat glass powder, you can improve the plate Mohs hardness of 0.5, improve the surface finish 3-5 °.

2, fine quartzite plate watermark problem is the production of quartz plate to solve the problem. General production plant is to improve the mixing effect from the mixer to start, Quartz Slab and in the fabric before adding powder machine to solve, will receive a certain effect, but can not be eradicated. After careful study, the so-called watermark problem, in addition to the recipe has a problem, in fact, due to the density of the entire board caused by the different parts, that is, the whole board at all times by the pressure and vibration caused by different, Quartz Slab The way is to improve the rigidity of the indenter.

3, to increase the surface of quartz stone plate varieties, Quartz Slab to expand the use of quartz stone plate. Now the surface of quartz stone produced by our country is flat. And with the development of the decorative requirements of the surface made of natural surface, Quartz Slab which will apply a new process.