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Quartz Slab The Number Is Relatively Small

Quartz Slab In the early 1960s, China's quartz board industry began to start, 70 years gradually developed to form a relatively complete industry, domestic enterprises have from Japan, France, Quartz Slab the United States, Britain introduced a quartz crucible, Quartz Slab quartz devices, fused, Quartz tube and other technology and equipment, which China's quartz plate industry began to turn to modern production. Has been able to produce quartz board products in accordance with foreign standards. But at this stage the quality of the domestic quartz board is not stable enough. In addition, the diversity of Chinese quartz plate and innovation capacity compared with the developed countries there is still a certain gap.

China's quartz plate is relatively small number of enterprises, Quartz Slab less than 100, of which the scale of corporate profits accounted for only 25% of the total industry, most companies are in a small state of production, the industry has not formed an absolute advantage between enterprises, Quartz Slab very intense competition. All kinds of enterprises are in the competition of the whirlpool, are trying to develop opportunities.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that private, foreign-funded enterprises accounted for 100% of the entire quartz plate manufacturing industry, Quartz Slab private enterprises in 2011 accounted for about 13% of the profits of the industry profits, foreign-funded enterprises accounted for about 23.8%. They with a scientific and flexible operating mechanism, improve the sound sales network, Quartz Slab as well as technology, management and brand advantage, established in the industry's leading position. In addition, in the field of quartz board production, no state-owned enterprises.

With the rapid development of China's building materials, Quartz Slab new electric light sources, semiconductor integrated circuits, laser technology, aerospace and other industries, quartz board demand continues to grow. China's quartz board is mainly used in the construction industry, Quartz Slab the industry is pulling quartz plate production and consumption of the main factors of rapid growth.

Although China's quartz board industry in recent years has achieved some success, Quartz Slab but China's quartz plate production technology, product quality, energy consumption and pollutant emissions and other indicators compared with the international advanced level, there is still a considerable gap.

1, domestic quartz board products have broken a small number of foreign enterprises on the international market monopoly, but the product quality is still a certain gap with foreign products. Quartz Slab Such as the United States Knight Group quartz board in the product color control, product stability are better than some domestic products. In addition, Quartz Slab China's quartz board prices were significantly lower than imported products.

2, the future development of domestic quartz board enterprises will encounter a new bottleneck

With the global energy prices continue to rise, Quartz Slab the domestic labor costs, Quartz Slab the industry is nearing the end of low-cost era. With the arrival of low-profit era, Quartz Slab China's quartz board production enterprises will generally face marketing transformation, high cost, Quartz Slab industrial technology and product innovation and other challenges. Domestic enterprises due to the shortage of professional and technical personnel, high consumption within the industry, low efficiency and other structural problems, accelerate the upgrading of industrial technology and transformation is the future needs of enterprises to face long-term challenges. Quartz Slab The development of domestic enterprises is an urgent need for independent branding, unique business model innovation. Quartz Slab Domestic brand quartz board business only to cross these new bottlenecks to go further.