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Quartz Slab Whether There Is Color Difference

Quartz Slab And other materials, like the production of countertops, quartz stone countertops is also by the table, retaining water, hanging along the basin hole, Quartz Slab stove hole, gas pipe hole and other major components. The biggest problem that may exist in these processes is the collapse of the open edge, the collapse of the table is the main reason leading to cracking. Removal of the plate caused by impact caused by the late crack, Quartz Slab to avoid the opening hole.

Mainly look down under the open material, Quartz Slab splicing and hole production precautions. Before the open material should be compared to the use of the two plates are color, so as not to affect the appearance of the table after the installation. Splicing is a more important part, Quartz Slab especially to do seamless stitching. Quartz Slab Try to avoid the use of marble rubber, splicing recommended the use of resin and match the resin (need to quartz stone manufacturers or designated by the manufacturers). Finally look at the opening, the table after processing a lot of people will choose the hole is now open, it is worth noting that the hole should be selected round hole openings, right angle openings are likely to cause a great impact on the late stage cracking! Stitching on both sides of the ban on grinding, Quartz Slab some people may say that not polished on both sides will be uneven, Quartz Slab but after the two sides will be polished white ah color darker the more obvious the plate.

Quartz sand can be made of glass, Quartz Slab refractory materials, smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux, ceramics, grinding materials, casting, quartz sand in the building using its strong acid-resistant medium etching ability, used to make acid-resistant concrete and acid mortar The SiO2 has a unique physical, Quartz Slab chemical, optical characteristics, making it in many high-tech products play an increasingly important role, such as the IT industry's core technology products - computer chips, optical fiber, electronics industry resonance Equipment, new electric light source, high insulation sealing materials, aerospace equipment, military technology products, special optical glass, chemical analysis equipment, etc., are inseparable from these basic raw materials. Crystal and shape beautiful quartz sand can be used for glasses and precious handicrafts, the use of quartz crystal piezoelectricity, Quartz Slab can be made without wire industry in the frequency stabilizer, quartz filter. Can produce a variety of lenses, reflectors, spectral tubes, light guide and optical instruments in the prism, polarizer and so on. Quartz Slab At present, widely used water temperature difference method for the production of artificial quartz crystal used in the manufacture of piezoelectric components. In the chemical industry, quartz sand can be used for acid and temperature equipment and utensils; in the electrical industry, Quartz Slab often used quartz as an excellent insulating material; quartz sand is also glass, enamel and refractory brick manufacturing industry in the fine raw materials; Performance also makes it widely used in metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical and paper industry. The export of quartz stone (sand) mostly used in metallurgy and refractory industry.

Mainly the following specifications: 325 mesh, 400 mesh, Quartz Slab 800 mesh, 1250 mesh quartz powder is divided into modified and non-modified quartz powder, modified quartz powder can reduce the amount of resin can also greatly improve the process of sheet metal Sexual and physical and chemical properties, the work of the late attention to the use of related materials to distinguish.