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Quartz Stone A Certain Number

Quartz is a stone synthesized from 94% quartz and a certain amount of 6% resin. Quartz Stone Its hardness can be as high as 7 degrees, compared with the stone, quartz stone hardness is higher than the stone a lot, because the stone is generally by the marble powder and some numerical synthesis, Quartz Stone the hardness is generally 3-4 degrees, so, Quartz stone hardness is much harder than the stone, its milkiness and scratch resistance are much better than the stone.

Due to the characteristics of its own texture of quartz stone, resulting in its high temperature, generally below 300 degrees Celsius temperature will not have an impact on the surface of quartz stone, will not crack the situation, and the stone is different, Made of marble powder made of the middle, Quartz Stone and the middle contains a lot of resin composition, to make it in some high temperature environment is particularly prone to deformation or zoom and oxidation discoloration of the phenomenon.

From the radiation point of view, the quartz stone because of its own raw materials are some non-radiation quartz, so a lot of use in the home life, the body's own body without any adverse effects, and the stone is different, Natural marble powder made of processing, so, in its own texture may produce some radiation, the human body will also cause some negative effects.

In life, we generally see the surface of the quartz stone Quartz Stone sample is not any processing film and the like, and the surface of the stone will have a layer of protective film, so that a good identification. In the current stone market, the price of stone will be much lower than the price of quartz stone, the price of quartz stone countertops is not less than 300 yuan a meter, and less than 300 yuan a meter of the majority of man-made stone products