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Quartz Stone Applications

Quartz stone as a natural beauty and high technology combined with a new artificial stone plate, Quartz Stone has become the first choice for the surface of the table, and continue to be more used in the ground, walls and furniture. However, the quartzite countertop is superior to other materials, Quartz Stone although it is superior to other materials, such as hardness, strength, temperature resistance and anti-soaking, but does not mean that the material is not damaged. But in life will inevitably be artificially damaged, Quartz Stone so in use should pay attention to what time.

1, the appearance of the table is usually not high temperature burns, Quartz Stone but to prevent direct exposure at high temperatures or on the table for a long time part of the heating. Do not heat the household utensils directly on the table to heat, advocate the use of a better heat insulation of the pot to protect your table.

2, do not use heavy impact or sharp weapon hit the table, Quartz Stone especially in the stove, basin and other thin parts

3, if the table with rubber, nail polish, Quartz Stone paint and other difficult to eradicate the sticky material, if necessary, can be used to scrape off the knife, curettage need to control the good efforts to prevent harm to the table.

4, in the table after touching non-neutral detergent and chemical dissolving agent should be promptly clean with clean water.

5, by the professional processing equipment personnel in the cabinet after the installation of the end of the table, the user shall not be unreasonable to open, reload and pressure, Quartz Stone to avoid the formation of cracking or cracks in the table.

Quartz stone in the history of the stage appears not long, but it has become a more popular now a building materials, which is its own advantage of the decision. Quartz stone plate is the world's most advanced technology to produce super-hard composite materials. Quartz Stone Base performance, compared to ordinary artificial stone in terms of a variety of advantages: high temperature, Naisuan Jian, Quartz Stone not broken, not infiltration of oil, high resistance.

Initially, quartz was used only on the surface of the cabinet table, furniture table, laboratory console. With the economic development and the market is further mature, more foreign ground, walls, furniture and other fields began to use quartz stone, such as a variety of large hotels, luxury residential, Quartz Stone landmark buildings, quartz stone is gradually becoming a substitute for natural stone The

Quartz stone use customers are constantly changing from the traditional wholesalers to real estate development companies, and then to the building decoration company, Quartz Stone more and more people to join the trend of consumption of quartz stone. International customers generally believe that the quartz stone products, high hardness, high-grade, compared to natural stone has more design and environmental protection without radiation, although the market share of the largest stone or granite, but the quartz is the future trend, Quartz Stone Of the future will replace most of the natural stone, quartz stone is now in the global market in short supply, this situation will continue for at least five to ten years.

Quartz stone in the international community has become a new countertop material in Europe and the United States more and more quartz products into the consumer family. Quartz Stone In particular, in 2006 at the Milan International Cabinet Show, the world famous brand cabinets introduced new products, we can clearly feel this trend, Quartz Stone most of the cabinet brand with quartz instead of natural stone as a show.

In the Chinese market has also appeared a lot of quartz stone brand, Quartz Stone in the market channels, the brand has taken self-built channels and wholesale-based. Quartz Stone The size of the whole quartz stone market in the scale of 300 million yuan, accounting for the entire international market less than 1/75 ratio, compared with the international market, the trend of China's quartz stone has just begun.