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Quartz Stone Countertops Cabinets Huge Market Space Grew Significantly

Quartz stone countertops cabinets huge market space grew significantly

This year, people increasingly pay attention to the cabinet table, especially brand manufacturers pay special attention. On the one hand some of the artificial stone used in previous years (especially calcium powder too much) appeared aging, deformation, fracture, pollution and other issues affecting the credibility of the brand; the other is to speed up the upgrading, need to use at home and abroad multi proved to be high-quality, cost-effective quartz stone countertops.

Domestic kitchen countertops gone through several stages, HPL, stainless steel, marble, granite, artificial stone. Each through a stage, kitchen countertops will rise to a higher level of quality, the current granite, artificial stone kitchen countertops mainstream. Has experienced more than a decade of market baptism, artificial stone market has become more sophisticated, has formed a huge industry. But there are also products that can not make up for deficiencies, most consumers are always demanding, always want to get better products.

Quartz enter the Chinese market, still in its infancy, it has a very strong market space. 2006 China artificial stone market capacity 200 billion yuan, a conservative estimate if the current quartz stone products account for 3%, there are six billion yuan of market space. As technology and the market continues to mature, the market has been activated quartz, consumer demand is increasing. Especially Spain Sally Stone to promote in China, to inculcate a new concept of consumption and lifestyle. Further hi Shilong, Sino-Secretary, Compaq, Teles, will map quartz and other imported brands and Beverly Long, East sword and other domestic brands, together quartz stone industry bigger cake, caused a huge response .

Quartz stone production and application abroad is very mature, thanks to the growing maturity of quartz stone production technology, developed the first Italian Pericom BRETONESTONE SYSTEM quartz production systems, put us into an era of quartz. Since the development costs of this production line is very expensive, and quartz stone production technology is difficult to control, so that the quartz stone production technology is still being a few vendors control. Market research data shows that a truly professional production of quartz stone manufacturers worldwide only 16, there are only 20 Sally Stone production line, and its products account for 90% of the European market, 70% of the American market.

Foreign quartz consumer trends have attracted consumers looking forward to, but also to cabinet makers wistfully. Due to the hardness of quartz stone is very large, reaching more than 7 Mohs, which made it difficult for the quartz processing technology. Whole cabinet increasingly personalized consumption, which cabinet table modeling process put forward higher requirements. Stitching and modeling technology is very high quartz content, little attention will leave flaws, hardness of quartz stone quartz stone mosaic has a higher demand. In the next three years, quartz stone products will be 500% of the annual rate of increase, with a huge market space.