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Quartz Stone Description Of The Indicators And Methods

Hardness: Mohs hardness of 7 on the surface, simple testing method for extrusion of steel tip observed failure points, without scratching.

Density: 2.37-2.5

High temperature resistance: can withstand temperature of 300 ° c. With full stainless steel cups of boiling water at the table does not change color after 30 minutes. Or burning cigarette butts in a quartz stone, do not change color.

Stain resistance: with soy sauce, vinegar, drop of coffee on quartz, wipe clean with a detergent and water after 24 hours, observations do not change color.

Environmental protection: can provide the authorities detect green certification.

Fire resistance: 10 mm x30 mm quartz stone strips in open fire not burn.

Acid: citric acid or 100g/L with 3% hydrochloride solution solution, 30g/L sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide solution, etching the surface, no visible changes on the surface.