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Quartz Stone Development Of

Stone is a high-grade building decoration materials, Quartz Stone but also a non-renewable resources, in addition to marble composite panels, there is also a "stone" called artificial stone, they are building materials on the market as a new material to make up for natural stone waste. In recent years, Quartz Stone China's building materials in the real estate industry under the boost of the sudden emergence of stone as one of the branches, has also been an unprecedented development, and as people on the decoration of environmental protection and other requirements to improve the green building stone has also been developed Opportunity.

At present, ceramics, natural stone is the decoration of the market two kinds of mainstream materials, waste of resources, environmental pollution problems become more and more serious today, Quartz Stone environmental awareness more and more attention to the case, the production of some can replace the environment and other aspects of pollution Of the product is very important, and the green building decoration quartz stone easy to maintain, the surface does not smoke, easy to clean, to avoid the natural stone surface is easy to be oxidized, easy to smoke, discoloration, difficult to clean, natural stone color uneven issues, There are ceramic finish and easy processing of wood properties, you can create a perfect home space, highly decorative It is now widely used in cabinet countertops. Also can be widely used in high-end residential, villas, star hotels, commercial plaza, Quartz Stone airport, subway station walls, Quartz Stone ground paving, columns, ceiling, etc., or deep processing. In fact, the current application of artificial stone is still too narrow, its wider application areas have yet to be developed.

 From the product performance point of view, Quartz Stone we all know, wood contains benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, the current Chinese market, 80% of the wood furniture, benzene, formaldehyde exceeded the phenomenon, and natural marble with radiation damage, adverse to the human body, interior decoration It is impossible to use 360 degrees in all directions. The quartz stone to natural quartz sand as raw material, after a vacuum high-pressure furnace curing from curing.

Green building decoration stone quartz stone in the decoration has been able to replace the previous stone, but also in environmental protection has also made a great improvement in the future society is a sustainable society, environmental protection and energy conservation is the theme of society, Quartz Stone so in the next few years , China's green building decoration quartz stone will be a great development!

Quartz stone more and more favored by the designers, with China's quartz stone manufacturers of production equipment and the ability to continuously upgrade, so that the price of quartz stone people get the price. Now quartz stone has been more applied to the ground, wall decoration, for China's quartz stone ground construction is also a primary stage, how to construct for different views, Quartz Stone the following we look at the construction of foreign advice.

Good condition and preparation are the basis for proper installation of quartz stone tiles, and the support surface must be absolutely dry (the maximum residual humidity measured with a carburetometer) is 2.5%. Keep dust, grease, wax, paint, decomposer and any other things that affect the bonding effect, Quartz Stone unless the use of special quick-drying glue, or per centimeter thickness of the sand layer dry time needs 6-8 days. Any prefabricated panels must be rugged, crack-free, firmly attached to the base, Quartz Stone resistant to expected load, perfect structural seam, and ready for proper glue bonding.

For the construction of quartz stone tiles, it is not recommended to use conventional sand and cement methods. It is recommended to use C2F grade S1 adhesives, such as Granirapid-Mapei. For large size and hot weather conditions, it is recommended to use C2FTE grade S2 Such as Elasturapid-Mapei.Quartz Stone  We recommend the use of a denture to apply an adhesive, and the number of stretches on the floor tiles in this way ensures that at least 90% of the quartz stone can be covered. For large-sized laying, we recommend a double diffusion system.

Provision of temporary glass for areas exposed to large amounts of sunlight must be used with R2T adhesives, such as Keralastic T-Mapei, in areas not exposed to the sun, the use of adhesives such as KeralasticT, recommended for use in those special places , Re-synthetic quartz stone is installed in the harsh conditions of the special bracket。