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Quartz Stone Growth Rate Development

In the fast quartz stone using vacuum die-casting technology manufacturing, raw materials need to be stirred through the automatic mixing system, the material composition of the deployment, Quartz Stone the gravity of up to 800 tons of large-scale press repeatedly die-casting, automatic drying oven after the formation of semi-finished products. Semi-finished products in the bridge cut, polished, Quartz Stone quality inspection, Penma, film formed after the quartz stone products.

Quartz stone not only inherited the natural stone aesthetic pattern, but also has better than natural stone performance, such as strong hardness, temperature resistance, Quartz Stone and low water absorption, no bleeding, and 100% environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-radiation. More controllable thickness and size, richer colors and patterns, but also makes the quartz stone as an absolute substitute for natural stone.

In the expansion of quartz stone with the same batch of large-scale production, to avoid color, the maximum product specifications can be 3200 * 1600mm, equipped with exclusive glue, Quartz Stone to achieve seamless paving, to prevent filth, bacteria breeding.

Based on the quartz stone has such a perfect performance and so excellent quality, making it the best choice for kitchen countertops. And in accordance with the rapid development of rapid growth, quartz stone beyond the natural stone, become the absolute protagonist of the surface market, is not impossible.

With the quartz stone production technology and processing technology more consummate, and the popularity of quartz stone culture to enhance the degree of consumer awareness of quartz stone increased, Quartz Stone quartz stone is applied to the wall, the ground can become a reality.

Modern home improvement cabinet countertop selection of quartz stone should be the first choice, quartz stone plate with strong hardness and no bleeding as the biggest advantage, Quartz Stone quartz stone plate surface without pores, so do not have to worry about oil penetration, Quartz Stone daily only need to wipe with water can.

First of all in the selection do not because of the price and give up the choice of value, ordinary artificial stone cracking greater, almost two years to reach more than 50%. Quartz stone countertop possibility is relatively small, but the quartz stone is also good or bad, some businesses use cast stone posing as quartz stone, there are some manufacturers use the production of pouring production process, Quartz Stone although the quartz stone price is cheap, but the quality of the pressure Machine plate difference is very large.

Choose to use the brand plate, but also consider the processing and installation problems, if you do kitchen cabinet countertops need to open the hole is best not to choose the hole, Quartz Stone openings should be selected rounded hole openings to avoid right angle openings, open right angle hole if the force Unevenness is likely to cause cracking. Installation should try to use the pad technology rather than pad technology to prevent the stone plate to crack or deformation.