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Quartz Stone Higher And Higher

Home decoration stone in the proportion of quartz stone is getting higher and higher, especially the use of cabinet countertops in the home decoration is the most common, Quartz Stone and with the problem of more and more obvious, such as burst and local discoloration.

Quartz stone sheet is composed of more than 93% of natural quartz and about 7% of the pigment, resin and other additives to adjust the adhesion, Quartz Stone curing and other additives. Artificial quartz stone is vacuum vacuum, high frequency vibration molding, heating curing, its texture is hard, dense structure with other decorative materials can not match the wear (Mohs hardness 6 above), pressure (density 2.0g / cubic Cm), high temperature (temperature can be 300 ℃), anti-corrosion, anti-infiltration does not contain any pollution sources and radiation sources, are new green artificial stone, quartz stone prices are higher than other stone.

Speaking of many people will suffer from the quartz stone plate can withstand high temperature up to ≤ 300 °, why the hot container directly on the table will cause a burst and discoloration? Because of the above-mentioned quartz stone plate material contains 7% of the resin solvent, Quartz Stone the case of high temperature after the hot and cold shrinkage phenomenon, due to local sudden heat, such as construction is not reserved for expansion joints, it is easy to crack or container bottom mark Discoloration. Quartz manufacturers suggest that users should avoid direct contact with thermal containers should be used insulation pad.

How should life be maintained?

1, to avoid the high temperature objects directly placed or too heavy or sharp objects Impact surface: quartz stone plate is brittle polymer composite materials, Quartz Stone the same thermal expansion and contraction characteristics, there are some shrinkage stress, impact toughness, Quartz Stone elongation at break Rate and other mechanical properties, when the plate can not withstand the thermal expansion and contraction of the internal stress and severe external impact when there will be burst. You can use a pot holder with rubber feet, or put a heat pad on the table.

2, to avoid contact with the strong chemical: quartz stone has a lasting anti-damage ability, but still need to avoid contact with the strong chemicals, such as paint agents, Quartz Stone metal cleaning agents, stove cleaning agents. If you are inadvertently in contact with the above items, immediately with a lot of soap and water to wash the surface of quartz stone.

3, try to keep the table dry: because the water contains a lot of bleach and scale, stay too long, will make the table color lighter, affecting the appearance. Therefore, Quartz Stone stained with water, you need to wipe with a cloth in time. Quartz stone water absorption rate of 0.02% is almost zero, but there may be infiltration, the liquid if the surface is too long to stay the possibility of penetration is relatively large!