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Quartz Stone Many Advantages

Quartz Stone High-quality quartz stone plate, is the use of selected natural quartz crystal ore as the main filling by the quartz stone manufacturers produced. Its SiO2 content of more than 99.9% or more, Quartz Stone and in the manufacturing process to purify, Quartz Stone the raw materials do not contain any possible lead to radiation of heavy metal impurities, 93% of the quartz crystal and other resin additives make the quartz stone without radiation risk, Quartz Stone Green building decoration artificial stone.

Quartz stone with high wear resistance, scratch resistance, Quartz Stone high temperature, anti-penetration and many other advantages, occupy the first cabinet countertops material. Quartz stone production is vacuum high pressure, high vibration, high temperature curing, the density of 2.3g / m³ above, Quartz Stone the absorption rate of 0.02% is almost zero, is the life of the liquid difficult to penetrate the plate. But in the use of tend to appear in the plate bleeding, which in the end is what causes it? How should this situation be fixed?

Quartz stone prices higher than other stone, Quartz Stone do not seek cheap before buying, resulting in the purchase of poor quality plate. Poor quality quartz stone due to the production of tonnage less than the requirements, Quartz Stone the production of sheet metal density can not meet the requirements, Quartz Stone and liquid contact after a long time easy to bleed. This plate can be polished after the use of polished resin repair, but this plate is easy to use in the burst, Quartz Stone so do not buy because of the price before giving up its value, not all "quartz stone" are quartz stone.

Quartzite is the Quartzite, Quartz Stone quartz stone is a physical and chemical properties are very stable mineral resources, the main component is quartz, because the content of up to 93% or more, so the current quartz stone plate manufacturers of its production A short name of the plate, Quartz Stone due to its main component of quartz stone is called quartz stone.

1. Quartz stone itself has thermoelectricity, its material is brittle, Quartz Stone its refractive index reached 1.533 ~ 1.541, birefringence difference of 0.009, dispersion 0.013.

2. Quartz has a strong piezoelectric (Piezoelectric property), that is, when the friction hit the friction will produce sparks, which is the flint fire method.

3. Because quartzite These rocks contain a large amount of radioactive uranium, thorium elements of the relationship between the quartz stone color, Quartz Stone for the decoration or ornamental effect is a very good kind of stone.