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Sheet Metal Maintenance And Repair

Automobile, is the product of industrialization and modernization, is an important symbol of human civilization and social progress, automobile production and automobile quality, is an important indicator of the level of development of a country's productive forces, technical level and economic strength. At present, Sheet Metal the domestic automobile industry is booming and has a great variety of vehicles. Sheet Metal The technological structure of the vehicle has changed greatly, and the vehicle maintenance industry has changed from repair concept, repair technology, equipment, testing, repair system, method and standard. The The quality of vehicle maintenance, is to ensure the normal operation of the car an important part.

Car in the use of the process, need to maintain and repair. Therefore, including the use of the car performance, fuel consumption, life and appearance, and other factors, Sheet Metal including the quality of the car, not only depends on the production quality of the car, but also depends on the quality of vehicle maintenance. The repair process is also the production process, is to restore and maintain the quality of the car production process. Advanced state of the automobile industry, its advanced maintenance equipment, high quality maintenance. Equipment and tools play a major role in the quality of maintenance, but also a measure of the level of maintenance of a car repair business level is an important indicator of the level of maintenance is an indispensable means of production and investment, Sheet Metal can reflect the level of enterprise management, Promote and promote the maintenance of enterprises to modern management forward. Take the body repair, the body repair and surface shaping industry is particularly prominent. China's auto industry according to market needs, the car body has been to the overall body structure development, production widely used new materials, new equipment and new technology and other latest scientific and technological achievements. In addition, from the degree of repair, repair the overall body structure, must have a new set of equipment, to improve the quality of the repair body, improve efficiency, reduce labor intensity,Sheet Metal and even improve the overall level of the repair industry have played a positive role. At the same time, advanced equipment for the repair to provide a convenient and fast, creating a comfortable working environment.

After the repair of the body, polished, anti-corrosion and painting and other processes. To be all the workpiece, the engine parts after the installation of the chassis positioning detection and adjustment. After the repair, the car in the road test in good condition, there is no unusual phenomenon. Through the above examples show that professional automotive sheet metal maintenance equipment can be based on different models, Sheet Metal body data, to test the car chassis and body size is consistent with the original technical data requirements to determine whether the car repair and compliance with the standard. Like the Pentium company's beam correction instrument is to use scientific theory, scientific practice of repair methods to detect, rather than by the maintenance of the subjective consciousness and experience to judge. It can through the measurement, Sheet Metal traction, plastic surgery to repair all kinds of collision accident vehicles, accurate to the body level, front and rear wheelbase, front and rear wheel front, tire camber, the main pin angle, center thrust line, geometric axis and lateral Offset and other parts of the plastic repair out, the error can be accurate to + lmm. Many maintenance plants use professional sheet metal equipment, Sheet Metal even more powerful, in the body chassis repair process, Sheet Metal can really restore the body to the original design requirements, so that the vehicle is more security, stability and economy.