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The Main Factors Affecting The Performance Of Quartz Stone

Quartz plate is mainly composed of high purity quartz ore, resin (binder), a small number of pigment composition. Must be in a vacuum state of high pressure forming, can get high intensity, functional stability, dense and bright quartz plate. 

The main factors that affect the function of quartz stone plate are:

1 process technology

1) mixing, mixing, mixing is not sufficient, the plate will be uneven, presents a particle spot group, dough etc..

2) molding pressure, vacuum degree: the main effect of sheet density and appearance quality. Lack of pressure plate density not simple pores; no vacuum would cause the appearance of plate hole.

3) curing process: the surface of the plate is not fully cured, the strength is lower and the hardness is lower.

2 formulation component

More than 90% quartz ore, 8-10% is the resin (binder), these two kinds of components resolution of the physical and chemical features of quartz.


Quartz sand: selection of quartz stone plate material ore demand silica content above 99.0% and no weathering, to ensure that the plate surface hardness, good surface gloss and gentle touch. With quartz ore in harmful content of trace components such as less than 0.05% of iron, attached to the alkali demand, does not affect the light colored plate appearance and in humid environment is not changed obviously. Quartz ore of high hardness (Morse 6 and above) and fine crystallization structure of scratch resistance, pollution resistance, not infiltrated, low water absorption rate, dirt resistant supply the foundation.


In addition, the quartz sand of non-toxic, no radiation characteristics of the quartz plate is also the resolution of non-toxic, non radiation characteristics.


Resin (binder): usually, quartz stone resin with unsaturated polyester, acrylic, resin and other, unsaturated resin because of the aging process and formulation, safety non-toxic and harmless, cost relatively cheap strengths into quartz resin of the mainstream. Non saturated resin of high purity quartz ore consisting of quartz stone has the function of moderate, satisfied with non-toxic, environmental protection, easy to recover and so on.


The high physical and chemical stability of quartz ore is the basis of the weather, the use, the acid resistance and the high temperature of the quartz stone plate.


The outstanding connection of quartz ore and resin makes the high strength of the quartz stone plate possible, and the impact strength can be more than 2 times of the natural stone.